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On The Agenda This Week

  • Open Lab - working on experiment 4 - social Media
  • Workshop - bring "draft" version of experiment to class for peer commenting.

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Additional Readings / Websites

Tools and Sites For Digital Creation

Scribus.net - Downloadable OS desktop design and publishing software (like InDesign or MS Publisher)
Gimp.org - Downloadable OS image editing software (like Photoshop)
Audacity.sourceforge.net/ - Downloadable OS audio editor.

Wix webspace - web based html editor, free (easy)
Processing - multimedia, interactive programming, free, open source (challenging)
Scratch - low rez, interactive programming, free (beginner)
Prezi - simple presentation tool; think outside the ppt box; commerical but free (easy)
Wordle - text visualization, free (easy)
eDiastic - poetry generator (easy to hard); charNG is similar
Giotto - free, open source tool for creating animation and interactive Flash/SWF files. Windows only (?)