This week we'll begin learning digital typesetting and design, so that we can begin to make visuality an expressive element in our compositions. We'll work with "Scribus" and also read Marshal McLuhan.

1.) Get Started With Scribus
2.) Begin a visual composition
elements of an expressive, visual text?

Sherwood example - reseting of an old poem as a visual text:

For Thursday:
Read McLuhan, The Medium is the Massage.
What does this book suggest about the relationship of meaning and medium? Which of McLuhan's ideas seem applicable to composition in the digital age? Which do not? How does the book (object) itself relate to our course?

For Next Week:
  • Sign up for your first MSA - Two groups of four will present on Thursday. More Visual Texts for you to choose from.
  • Read Halyes - from Writing Machines (password-protected) if you didn't get to it last week; pay attention to the term "Media Specific Analysis."
  • Begin working on the "text" for your first visual experiment; think about "content" and the eventual visual format as you compose. Our goal is Media Specific Creation or "technotexts"...
  • Preview a Gimp Tutorial or two. The Basics, Beginning tutorial or Advanced