Why Teach Digital Writing: A Rhetorical View

What is Electronic Writing - Brian Kim Stefans

Browsing the Electronic Literature Collection - v1 -

Johanna Drucker - The Virtual Codex - from Page Space to E Space.

Drucker - from Figuring the Word (password-protected)

Halyes - from Writing Machines (password-protected)

Brian Kim Stefans - Dreamlife of Letters

Peter Cho - Wordscapes and Letterscapes

For next week:

1.) take a look at a few of the essays and examples we didn't get to (Drucker, Hayles, or Ubuweb);
2.) begin or gather a text that you think you would like to "set" visually. If you are not sure where to start, type up a few paragraphs of improvisational description: a place, a mood etc. and bring it to class. Ideally you think about visual possibilities as you compose/ revise, and this set of concerns plays into your inventive process!
3.) Have a preview look at the Scribus Tutorial which is where I'm planning to start. *) If you would like to use your own laptop, please download and test Scribus before class.

Optional More Visual Texts

Visual Texts

On Typography

Thinking With Type Companion Website,

Typocity - documentation of typography in the city

Visual / Concrete Texts and Models

Emmet Williams:

Augusto de Campos -

Haroldo de Campos -

Ubuweb Visual Poetry Archive

Giselle Begiulman - Code Movie -

Tom Philips. A Humement [artist's book]

Mallarme - A Throw of the Dice / Un Coup de Des

Ana Maria Uribe - Typopoems

Blaise Cendrars, Sonia Delaunay - Prose of the Trans-siberian and the little Jehanne of France

Richard Kostelanetz - Microstories, Furtherest Fictions

The Bleed - new visual writing magazine

Discussion / Criticism of Visual Texts

Concrete Poetry a World View. Mary Ellen Solt. (Essays reprinted from this classic anthology; some links to original works)

Interferences: [Net.Writing] and the Practice of Codework. Rita Raley. Electronic Book Review.