Media Specific Analysis

This is a critical term taken from N. Katherine Hayles. But it works too from the creative perspective, since the idea is that we understand and appreciate digital writing as writing and in terms of how it uses its medium. So, if you can analyze someone else's digital work (describing what works and how), then you have some principles in mind that you can use as you compose.

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Here is my example writeup

We need four people in Group A and three or four people in Group B.
What it involves is:
a.) selecting a work (some possibilities here:

b.) collaboratively producing a write-up and posted on the appropriate page here:

c.) sharing it with the class for fifteen minutes

The purpose behind the assignment is to get you, collectively, notice and make explicit the features that you find attractive and compelling about a good visual text. Then we can all work under these "aesthetics" as we compose our own visual text experiments using Gimp or Scribus.