Title of Example: Tumblr
Link: www.tumblr.com/
Group Members: Devvon Horn, Jerry Chifari, Jessica Brown, Justin Adams


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David Karp

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social media, social network, micro-blog


users who encourage interactive feedback

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website, user-generated content





Tumblr offers a range of possibilities for each individual media. The site requires one to log in with their individual username, password and URL, and allows all users to freely share posts of text, photos, quotes, chat, audio, and video. Posts can be liked and commented for its entertainment or philosophical value, and can also be re-blogged by others (as well as be traced to its point of origin). The interaction in the website has a statement of what is popular and our social integrity.


This is a unique website that some would call a social network and others would call a micro-blog; it earns that reputation with its range of user-generated content.


This website contains an ever-increasing multitude of subjects and topics created by diverse users who want to have their thoughts posted on the Internet for artistic purposes or to make a statement.


This website allows for a lot of user-generated content, feedback, and freedom. Posts tend to be more personal than Twitter but less so than Facebook. Options are also very varied and cater to many online media formats such as methods of text, image and video. The manner in which all of this content is tightly integrated makes it a continuously-expanding example of a social media. It is a unique site that does not fall into the standard definition of "social network."