Title of Example(s): 88 Constellations for Wittgenstein

Link: http://88constellations.net/

Another neat hypertext site to check out:

Link: http://prezi.com/
About: Prezi is a sort of hypertext website that you can use to do presentations. It combines effect, link connections, and visual motion to give an understandable and fluid presentation through text.

Group Members: Devvon Horn, Melissa Clark


Publication info:
Title: 88 Constellations for Wittgenstien
Site: http://88constellations.net/
Author: David Clark

Media format:
Flash/hypertext Website

Philosophical and informative dialog, documentary

Philosophers and fans of philosophy, and astronomy, artists

MS Keyword:
Flash, interactive hypertext, philosophy, documentary, random selection


The site is broken up in 88 chapters of narrated information that reflects the 88 constellations. The stars are the links instead of written text. Flash creates the animations between the chapters and creates the mini-movies of philosophical tests.

This philosophical work uses flash, video and audio to capture the viewer’s interest. While the current piece is playing the user can select the constellation to the right and continue on to watch different pieces that the author expresses questions/ideas from the philosopher Ludwig Wittgenstein.

Using different types of media widens the attraction this piece may have on a certain audience to that can be enjoyed by most ages. The viewer can select the direction and order he/she wants to travel through the constellations creating their own space exploration mission.

The main theme of this piece is philosophy and ideas surrounding Ludwig Wittgenstein that the author David Clark creates. The piece holds the viewers attention by being interactive featuring visual and audio. By having “I” in the lower right hand corner it allows the author to give instructions on how to interact with the piece without breaking up the composition. The flash introduction functions well with the piece before the constellations appear giving background contextual points to the audience.