Title of Example: Code Movie
Link: http://collection.eliterature.org/1/works/beiguelman__code_movie_1/index.html
Group Members: Melissa Clark, Mark Cavill, Stefanie Doyle, Jessica Brown


Publication info:

Giselle Begiulman - Code Movie -

Media format:
Adobe Flash audio music


Visual/Kinetic audio text, social commentary


Young modern contemporary artistic Matrix nerds

MS Keyword:

audio visual, techno, fast scrolling script and numbers



Animation speed contributes to information overload, which may be the purpose of the piece. "Matrix" like in that the letters and numbers scrolled quickly in black and white as well as use of what looked like old computer code. Lack of colors lended itself to the binary code idea. The techno-gothic background music added to the inorganic feel.


This social commentary artwork was enhanced by the addition of the techno background music. The font size changes, speed and blurring of the text makes it appealing to the younger generation of spectators. It is difficult for the brain to make sense of the seeming randomness of the alpha-numeric combinations as it competed with the music.


Incoprorating technology into modern society. The audience could be overwhelmed at first by trying to understand the text as it relates to not just the music but also each additional change in view. The piece references modern contempoprary culture that an older generation may not appreciate.


Creates bombardment of non-sensical information. Viewer is consistently trying to make sense of the pattern as it plays across the screen. The piece promotes an Alice in (Technical) Wonderland feel. This forces the viewer into the non-sensical world of optical illusion.

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