Experiment #1 - Visual Word

Craftedrhymes - Visual Word Experiment

I took the ACSII based fantasy game Dwarf Fortress (wiki link for additional info) and attempted to tell a short story through the game's unique graphical presentation. The game is a 3D world represented in 2D slices we are only able to see one level of the world at a time. Characters, objects, and other elements inside the game world are represented only in the characters within the ACSII library. The game's learning curve is tremendous and it takes a long time to master many of the complicated elements that interact when you play.

The story I created involves the budding fortress "Craftedrhymes" and the time over the first Spring season. A lot actually transpires but much of it is just moving letters around a screen. Watching squares and letters disappear as your dwarfs chop down trees and dig out tunnels is uneventful. So it's up to the writer, me in this case, to translate in a few screens of garbled ASCII into a coherent tale that someone who is unfamiliar with the game can understand.

Experiment #2 - Sound

Number Station - Sound Experiment

With this project, I attempted to create a Number Station (more info). Generally, Number Stations are shortwave radio transmissions of unknown origin. They often contain complex codes that consist of numbers, letters, and various other means of transmitting code. Many Number Stations exist that use many different languages. It's believed these stations are used to transmit information to spies.

I created a coded message that I think should be relatively easily deciphered with a few listens. Everything moves very quickly so multiple listens will be required.