Statement of purpose: For this project I will create a concrete poem. I will explore text using multiple forms of the same word to develop a dramatic feel and leave the viewer questioning my choices. I will use powerpoint for my project. I also will experiment with word size and placement in an attempt to keep the viewers eye moving in an effort to maintain flow and reduce boredom. I have decided to use relatively the same color choices for my project as I do not want to take away from the meaning and the message in my poem. The poem I chose is one that I wrote myself and it holds a specific meaning for me.

Experiment 2 MOON
Daily, I keep my spirits high and my heart wide open. I would like to create an audio track to remind me of this revelation and perhaps inspire the same in others. Talk about perfect timing, my friend Eszey from Argentina was in town visiting so I got him to speak some lyrics in Spanish. I feel that this will add a cultural aspect to the piece and remind us of unity. I would like to create an audio track that I can keep with me years form now to remember my college spirit. I will strive to make this a track that brings teeth to the forefront while jerking tears from the soul. I am not sure how the order and arrangements of the audio will go yet. Time to experiment...

So after experimenting in lab today I came up with several good ideas. The first of which involved an interviewer asking an English related question and having the respondent only answer with "Spirits high and heart wide open." I have this saying recording by several people and even in two languages.

The next idea that caught my fancy followed along with the interview idea. Only I have a series of more specific questions, what is the most meaningful thing you ever read, what is the most important thing you have ever written, and what is the most impressive thing you have ever seen. The answer for each of these questions would be, "Spirits high and heart wide open" provided by the voices mentioned above.

My final idea that I realized today was the idea of combining 1 and 2 and making the track into a sort of English game show Q&A. I would allow for some regualr student answers and feedback but would keep the majority of the answers provided as, "Spirits high and heart wide open" to keep with my theme.

After letting these ideas bounce around in my head and some experimenting with sounds and lyrics I sat down to let everything settle. In this moment of bliss a vision came to me. Powerful images flashed through my head and I recorded them in the form of a poem which I then based lyrics off of for my audio recording. The lyrics and the poem are basically the same. Poem is as follows:

A spell is cast in a moment of power
within the passing of this hour
we will banish all their power
swaying in sync with my spirit
three entities gather at a point
a black path lines the way
gold embellishments glint at safety
a circumpunct with petaled edges
eminates power from its red center
the witch peers forward
the pumpkins chuckle
a peanut butter jar embewed with
joined by another
family is key
three owls dangle from the ceiling
mother sabrisco
their faithful guardian
the bottle sways blue with extinguishment

I wanted this to be a conversation and it then evolved into a kind of telling of a prophecy narrated by a spiritual sounding voice. i choose the crickets in the beginning to establish relaxation before enlightenment. My choice for guitar was simply because I wanted a relaxing tone for the piece. There is also a constant tempo of what i wanted to sound like steps towards enlightenment, always keeping the listener on track. Since relaxation was the goal I opted to ditch the Spanish as I felt that it obstructed the peaceful flow. Overall I am happy with the decisions and I am happy to end the piece with my daily intention, "Spirits high and heart wide open." I have chosen the title of Waning Moon for the piece as i feel it sums up the inspiration behind the track.

Experiment 3

Life is a series of obstacles we must overcome. That being said, we are presented with options on which path to choose. I took this idea to heart with my third experiment.

I was not sure what direction I was going to head in when I started out on this journry. Did I want a series of images that lead to different pages or did I want all text??

I also was not sure what platform I desired to work with. After looking at the examples on the class page I opted for Wix.

I played around with the configurations of Wix before deciding what exactly I wanted to do.

I started with a main page that has only an image, upon clicking the image the reader is pulled into a world of three screens that transition by themselves. The trick is that as in life we really never know what is up and what is down or where to start or where to end. I have hidden a link in one of the pages that takes the reader to the end page of my experiment where I present a poem that sums up my inspiration for the project. Only by taking a chance and not worrying about order will the reader experience the finality of my experiment. I am happy with the result I think it is inspiring and the message is meaningful.

Experiment 4

Facebook is a crafty creation. For whatever reason individuals seem to be all too happy to post their life stories online. A reason for this may be because the technology is so new and consequences of such openness are not yet understood. With my fourth experiment I wanted to poke fun of this tendency to spill the entire jar of beans all at once. Where has the mystery gone with our society? No longer do you have to have three dinner dates before the juicy stuff comes out, anymore anyone can google you, which is not as pleasurable as it may sound, obtain your information and find you online.

Inspiration for this experiment came in the form of Hamlet through Facebook status updates. Poor guy, had he not lived in the seventeenth century he would have been able to hire a paranormal investigator and public relations manager to get to the bottom of his situation. This Hamlet blog pokes fun of the tendency to revel intimate secrets online. In that regards Facebook can be an advantageous tool, it certainly
helped condense Shakespeare's 200 something page book.

Final Experiment

Daily, we are exposed to the imbalances of life. Our spirits are battered and our souls are exhausted. I have found ,that if I do not take the time to unwind and recharge my mind, I feel like the Energizer Bunny without any juice. For this reason, I chose to create an audio experiment for my final project. My goal with this experiment was to create a track that I could listen to as I soared into the cosmos and became one with my energy. Come along for the journey and you will fill your mind with bliss.

Journey towards Sabrisco
Everything begins with chaos, that is just how it goes. If you are lucky, though, you can dodge the conflicts and escape down the river. Once on the river the path becomes drastically easier. There is even time for rest. But a journey can never be that simple, so you must continue onward. Flowing with uncertainty, hard rain nor thunders clap can delay you. Paddle onward. You will find your bliss. Peaceful premonitions for a boundless future will bloom. This too shall pass. It all comes up crickets in the end.