Visible Word Assignment: Love over Lust
My project was based on the theme "Love Over Lust". This project was more of a personal piece; that's why it has a silhouette of me in the middle. I made the words glow and pop because they spoke the actual message. Besides the fact that the words are in a heart shape, having the words look handwritten gave the project a more personal and intimate feel.

Audio Assignment:
I plan to write, compose, and record a rap song based on my previous project. I will also incorporate an audio clip not created by me. It will probably be a sermon from a preacher that goes along with the lyrics of the song and the "Love Over Lust" theme. I will use GarageBand instead of audacity.Love Over Lust

Hypertext Assignment:
Love Over Lust Hypertext
My hypertext was developed through Prezi. In flows with all of my previous assignment themes, which is Love Over Lust. I used Prezi to insert the lyrics of the song I made into a format that gives the lyrics a motioning illusion. As the lyrics progress around the words Love Over Lust,
they guide the reader on a journey that the lyrics explain.

Social Media Assignment
Love Over Lust Tumblr
My social media experiment primary used Tumblr. I created a tumblr account in preparation for my final project. I wanted to have one social media outlet that was combined with all of my works for the theme "Love Over Lust" and all the pictures, music and media that related to the theme. I edited the html so that my previous hypertext experiment would be at the top of the page as you logged on to my tumblr. I also added my visible word assignment to the website in a compilation of all my work. The purpose was to keep the viewers coming back to the tumblr as I added more and more content to it. The tumblr also gives a sort of personal aspect to it as well because I put the process of all my work and intimate information about me on the tumblr. Whenever I post something new on the tumblr a link is posted onto my twitter and Facebook which draws more people to the website. It sort of combines the most popular social media's into one place.

Final Project
Love Over Lust Tumblr Track
My final project was a continuation of my social media experiment. I had previously planned to do a video on my tumblr page with all 4 of my projects combined but it unfortunately did't work. Therefore, since I put the most effort and work into my audio project, I primary wanted to present that to the class. The thing that is different now is that it is on my tumblr page, which keeps track of how many people have listened to the track. He also helps me monitor how many people have been on my page and listening to my song.The song is a story about a man's relationship with lust. The story is told in a metaphor and in comparison to a journey on a road. The road is the journey of this relationship with lust and during the journey the subject comes across many signs that devise him to turn back. The end of the road leads to destruction and during the journey this becomes more visible to him. It is based on a true story. The message and purpose of the story is to encourage the listeners to choose love over lust because when you choose lust over love you lose out on the benefits of a loving life.