Scribus Tutorial

Today we will become familiar with the desktop publishing tool "Scribus." Unlike a word processor, DTP tools give you help to make complex design decisions. You typically do not write in a DTP -- but you design and layout your words for final publication.

Basic Steps:
1.) Create and setup document
2.) Collect the content (text, images, etc.)
3. ) Set up the "page" elements (or master page for complex documents)
4.) Define and format styles for the elements (headlines, body text)
5.) Import text
6.) Import images
7.) Tune elements using properties (F2);
8.) Convert text to outlines (context menu: right mouse/ covert to / outlines)
9.) Follow tutorial to draw a shape, then convert to curve, then "item/attach text to path".
10.) Save document; export it (ex. pdf)

Let's try the Scribus Quick Start:

When you're comfortable with the basics, you will want to look at the Scribus Wiki for working with master pages, styles, and finer points of typesetting. Look for example at the letter shape editing.

Here is the tutorial:

Here is a wiki version, with detailed explanation of other steps it's time to create your own document.
Make compositional use of space, placement, type-face, and color. Images are optional.