Final experiment: combination social media and visual media
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I am using a social media that most of my friends use to post visual word. I had hoped to be able to post audio files, but Facebook does not have a way to upload purely audio files, only video files. The limitations of this particular medium are not completely inhibiting. The benefit of using Facebook as opposed to another site is that I already have an established audience for my work. I do not have to recruit people to join yet another website to be able to communicate. Dr. Sherwood, just a reminder to use the .docx file for grading purposes to avoid the login requirement on the .mht file.

Experiment #4 Social Media


This is a true experiment that could actually turn into an interesting sociology research. Initially, I wanted to see how different writing styles on a social media chat could affect the conversation. After five different chats with men from five different educational levels, backgrounds and ethnicity, I determined that using correct English as opposed to shorthand SMS made no difference in the content or outcome of the conversation. For brevity, I only linked one conversation that was fairly representational of the five I had. They were generally similar content and slightly amusing. I mixed a little bit of truth into my answers and a little bit of pure fantasy. (I have never sky dived, raced quads nor do I have five children.) My thesis was sadly, proven wrong during the few conversations I had. Regardless of which writing stlye I used (proper English or SMS shorthand), the men I chatted with continued to use poor English mixed with SMS and the subject matter was the same. If I had the time to have 100 conversations, the results may have been different.


I created a false profile on a free dating site called Plenty of Fish which boasts over three million members. I posted a picture off of Google images. It was a side profile of a pretty red head. The profile information was similar to my real persona since I knew I could not pretend to be someone too different from myself. Note, I cannot now access the site to show my profile information since it appears the site cannot find me. As a red headed country girl, I received 15 messages within 3 hours and chatted with five men. Earlier this year I posted as myself, similar profile information but different picture and did not receive nearly that much attention. I will not conjecture why that happened. Enjoy!

Experiment #3 Hypertext

Eureka! Today I was able to successfully edit this page!


In my attempts to hyperlink, I chose to go a different route. The idea is a creative presentation of a very short child's picture story. I had hoped to make this an interactive experience aimed at school age children. Each underlined and highlighted word links to another web page that is a definition or sound associated with that word. I had tried to link the pictures to outside web pages, but the reader was not able to see that the pictures were linked. The pictures are to be read as they are. For instance, the picture of the bear is read as "the white bear" and the picture of the butterfly is read as "the yellow butterfly".

On my homepage, Stefanie's World, please click on the hyperlinked "Words" on the left side of the page and it will direct you to the very short picture story. Here is my web page address:


Experiment #2 Audible word Poe Remixed

The inspiration for this remix was the dreary fall weather. Poe's gothic style of romance had always reminded me of overcast rainy days of fall. Much of his writing is deep and dark, "The Raven" and "The Tell Tale Heart" are widely known examples. They are my two favorite short pieces of Poe. This is in no way a tribute to Poe's work in the traditional cliche recording. Instead of making it yet darker and more gothic with sound, I played with the idea of the constrast by making the voice and background atypical of the recordings I have heard. The use of the high-pitched narration with the unexpected deep, slower voice of the raven changes the darkness of the words adds a little playfullness to the piece. "The Tell Tale Heart" is known for its resonant, slow thumping heart. Naturally, one thinks of a slow, low sound in a predictible rhythm. Rather than use the expected, once again, I chose to use a higher pitched, more electronic heartbeak and speed up the rhythm as well. I thought that fit better with the narrating voice a little better. Too many constrasts between the main narration and the background sounds would be discordant and destroy the idea of the piece. This is more of a Weird Al Yankovic spin on two classic Poe works.

Experiment #1 Visible Word

I had hoped to bring a little more depth (pun is intended) to the poem through use of color (or lack of color), font style, font size and arrangement on one page. The last line of the poem is actually the title on purpose. One starts at the top of a staircase and descends into a basement, thus the title being in the bottom of the "basement" poem. Originally, I had wanted the background to be white at the top that darkened to black as one reads down the page. Either I did not find the correct tool to do that, or there is not a tool to accomplish what I had intended. The poem itself would get "darker" as one reads down the page or descend into the basement. The final result is not exactly what I had intended, but it is a close approximation.