What are some of the creative detournings of these forms? How can they be used in the composition or dissemination of creative writing -- poetry, prose, or new forms? How can you use social networks as a source for composing or a platform for presenting your work?

1.Friday's Big Meeting : Chat Format
  • informal language
  • emotional cues/ emoticons
  • quick dialogue
  • dramatic potential of exits /entrances;
  • main channel and private channel
  • images / avatars
  • distance, proximity; presence/absence
  • playlike, but dominated by dialogue
  • digital media theme...

2. Journal of the Collective Me
  • steal other people's language; found poetry;
  • "chance"
  • dynamic, changing, up-to-date
  • conventions Twitter;
  • anonymous yet personal

3. Kind of Blue

4. Scwhitters Twitters
  • repetition; juxtaposition of old and new forms; remix the zombie;
  • art and everyday
  • dead author goes online

5. Tree Fingers (collaboration)
  • collaborative composition
  • crowd-sourced editing ...