Visual Piece-Syn

For this, I intended to use it a visual way of displaying a poem I had written on supernatural synesthesia, a phenomenon only found in works of fiction that is based off a real world neurologically based condition where in which stimulation of one sensory or cognitive pathway leads to automatic, involuntary experiences in a second sensory or cognitive pathway. Although bits of the poem are missing from the finished work, what I wanted to show was what I believe would be seen by someone who possesed this type of synesthesia. I wanted my words to be almost shadowy or aura-like to show the sound of words would look like under this phenomenon. I added the french lines to put emphasis on the most important phrase.

Audio Piece- Echos of Love and War | Echoes of Love and War Mp3
For this piece, I took some famous and not so famous poems from great writers and compiled them. They are all centered around the song of Danny Boy playing on an old music box. All of the poems I used echo throughout. My main purpose with this was to, in a way to show the three things that I believe are always consistent in life. War, Love and Death. It may sound bleak,. but I wanted to use this project to show a more romantic view of it. I hope that I succeeded.

Hypertext Piece- Once Upon an Ending
This piece actually came as a kind of surprise to me. My initial ideas for this project involved a horror story, but as time passed it got to be too complicated to manage after getting sick.

Once Upon an Ending is hardly done at this point and I want to expand upon it further. My initial idea for this came with the actual template for one of the WIX pages. It was haunting and lovely. I then fabricated a scenario and short story item to go along with it and created a choose your adventure from it. It is basically a post-fairy tale apocalyptic story about evil taking over their world. Although there is not a large about of the initial story in the finish project I have posted I would really like to expand and create so much more with this. I am kind of in love with it and want to make it so much better.

Social Media - Open Book Fictional Character Support

Open Book was initially supposed to be a comedy piece based on a various problems that many fictional character may or may not possess. I had initially planed to write about five to seven characters into the initial draft. There is only one set of characters besides my own personal character and a cameo from The Doctor from Doctor Who.When i went to submit on Tuesday, i had found that my browser had not saved most of my work and that some things had been corrupted. For the past two day I have had to work just to get some initial boards up and get a small amount of Hansel and Gretel's story up. I would like to put more work into it and, as I am working on my final project, if I get time, plan to add more characters and dialogue into it. *UPDATE AS OF 12/14 & 12/15* New post from Hansel anf Gretel, plus a new bit from Batman, has been added.

Manifesto/Final Project-
Once Upon an Ending (Expanded and Redone)

Digital Writing. At the beginning of the semester I had no clue what this would possibly mean. The only thing I had to go off of was my adviser saying it would be good in the future when it came time to publish my first novel. I honestly thought it was going to be some boring, difficult class that I would dread leaving for everyday. Over the time however, I have discovered a new and interesting world. Some of the things we have looked at are simply amazing, not matter how much my head hurts afterward from all the blinking. Although I have been working with hypertext for my final project, the medium I got the most out of is audio. It was simply astounding what I was able to with one simple audio manipulation. It may have something to do with the fact that I, even to this day, take voice lessons. I have a very musical past and maybe that is what drew me to this medium more than the other three. I have also for a very long time, believed that music can be found anywhere. It is cheesy and cliché but everyone believes at least one thing that is some form of cliché. Anyway, with this medium I was able to take spoken word and make it mesh with preexisting music to make a new type of music. Something that was haunting and lovely at the same time. That same feeling was something that I wanted to continue into my final project. It want it to be something that makes you feel frightened, but also in awe of the loveliness of it. I hope that I can do that with all the elements that I have put into the final project.