There are a number of web 2.0 platforms that many of us use on a daily basis: youtube, facebook, twitter, blogs, etc. They are advertised and, perhaps, their primary uses are everyday. However, each has developed particular rhetorical conventions (and carries with it technical affordances/limitations) which, to some extent, we internalize as we post, poke, tweet and upload.

What are some of the creative detournings of these forms? How can they be used in the composition or dissemination of creative writing -- poetry, prose, or new forms? How can you use social networks as a source for composing or a platform for presenting your work?

Here are some examples:

Friday's Big Meeting (Rob Wittig) faux chat-room

Hamlet (Facebook News Feed Edition) Sarah Schmelling ( See also: Ophelia Joined the Group Maidens Who Don't Float: Classic Lit Signs on to Facebook)

Kind of Blue (Scott Rettberg)

Ballad of Workstudy Seth (Mark Marino)

Grafik Dynamo

Los Wikiless Times Pedia

(about Netprov literature:

Edge of Chaos (John Cayley) google search poetry

Happy Rain:

Journal of the Collective Me


I love Yellow Food
(not great, but you get the idea)

Schwitters Twitters (Dada zombie takes over the net)!/kschwitters/

Tree fingers:

Conceptual Writing Anthology
(not only concerned with digital art; but interesting, provocative ideas about process)

ALSO (other works that don't quite fit but you shouldn't miss)