I made this picture as a sort of artsy, feel good picture. The beach is a soothing background and I like birds so I wanted to include the bird in the corner. I didn't want to make the picture perfect. I chose the Robert Frost quote because it is inspirational and so true. That is why I didn't want the picture to look perfect, because life isn't always perfect.


After struggling to figure out what I wanted to do for this project, I decided to keep it simple. I wanted a simple sound in the background and and I wanted words that everyone would reconize and I wanted both things to be opposite. For the sound, I chose sounds of the ocean. It is an app I have on my ipod and it is very relaxing and I thought it would be a good background noise. for the words, I chose to read Green Eggs and Ham by Dr. Seuss. As I read Green Eggs and Ham, I used different voices. For Sam, I chose a British accent that was very up beat and happy and for the other character, I decided to make him sound scary and mad. While reading the book, I would pause inbetween the conversations of Sam and the other man to allow the sound of the ocean to play. I chose to do this because I made the conversations sound angry and I made the other man sound very annoyed. I wanted to have a break inbetween Sam asking the man to eat green eggs and ham to sort of drag on the conversation and make the man seem madder and madder. Finally, when the man decides to eat the green eggs and ham I pause, make chewing sounds, and pause again. Finally, as the end of the book goes, the man really enjoys green eggs and ham and he is very excited about them.
I think that I made a good choice for my audio experiement. It is not what I wanted to originally do but it turned out even better. It was creative and it mixed music and words.

For the hypertext project I am going to (already started) creating a web page for myself. Unlike Facebook, it will be a professional page with links to my email and linkedin page. I will have different tabs on it. Each will be different things that I have been involved in such as The Penn, Public Relations Student Society of America and the Society of Professional Journalists.
If that doesn't work out, I want to write an article or story about something interesting that involves food and travel. Every time I write a new food item or location it will be a hypertext and it will talk about the origin or history of that item.


For the hypertext project I created a web page for myself as sort of a start for an online portfolio. It is a work in progress (I hope to learn more and complete it for my final project). It has a brief description of myself. On the left side are links. They are for IUP, the IUP journalism department, the IUP English department, IUP PRSSA, IUP SPJ and The Penn. The reason I chose these links was because if anyone who views my page wants to learn any extra information about IUP, the departments I am in or the activities I am involved in, they are just a click away.
Like I say, it isn't all pulled together yet but I am hoping it will be for the final project.

For the social media experiment I used Twitter. I chose to combine all of the tweets that involved the word 'fact.' I did this by following @OMGFACTS and i also searched for #facts and facts. I combined random information that people have tweeted. In the middle of the paper I have a tweet of a quote from Good Will Hunting. I chose to make the font larger and bold because I really liked it out of all of the tweets I found.

Final Project


I chose to do my final project as a continuation from the hypertext experiment. From my original hypertext experience, I chose to make a professional website, a sort of online portfolio. I wanted to make this my final experiment because I had things I needed to edit on the page.
First of all, for this final project, I needed to choose a new page (the old templet was giving me trouble). Once this was done, I was able to create the site I originally wanted to. I have several sidebars on the site. The first site is about my education and I have provided links for IUP and the departments that I am majoring and minoring in. In other sidebar tabs, I have included information about organizations and activities I have been involved with. Also, I included my resume and two writing samples and images that I have taken. Overall, I am extremely proud of how my final project turned out!