Visual Experiment

Purpose: I wanted to create something simple, yet elegant. Something that in very few words was able to expand upon a multitude of meanings. I wanted to create a project that also focused on the importance we place on shoes. Shoes are rather beautiful and fascinating. Something about them caught my eye during the planing of this project. The various quotes about feet are to enforce a beauty and an intelligence . Turning your attention to the importance , and the romance in wearing shoes.

Second Project: Waking Billie

My initial idea for this project was to adapt an HP Lovecraft story using sound. That at least was my initial idea. The more I read of HP Lovecraft the more a different idea seemed to present itself. HP Lovecraft is possessed with dreams. His stories are all about the nature of reality and the nature of the dreamer to the dream. I wondered what would happen if he had access to audacity. A rather bizarre concept I admit, but the more I experimented the more I became convinced.

What I came up with was waking Billie. A surrealist piece of sound literature intended to invoke the feel and sounds of a nightmare. However the piece is more nuanced than that. What I am trying to do is create a sound image. My intention with this piece was to both amuse and to terrify. HP Lovercraft I believe would be pleased with this piece as it fits into his vision of the dream. That is something that surrounds and envelops anVisitd terrifies us, yet somehow something we want to experience.

Third Project: Stairway!
I wanted to use this project to create for my audience a sense of time, and a sense of lose. I also wanted to create a sense of continuum. A constant motion of movement. The very essence of what it means to be human encompassed using the
analogy of the stairwell. I designed the project with a strong focus on style. I wanted each page to be striking and unique. The text itself is a simple narrative. It simple presents the reader with my own philosophy about time. The images all are meant to both entice the reader and enhance the text. I learned alot about web design while creating this project. Wix is perhaps a simple and easy step for someone with no programming skills. I would be interested in creating grander and bigger desighns in the future.

Fourth Project: The Little Lost Ship
Tumblr,facebook and twitter allow the user to participate in " remixes" thoughtlessly. The ability to " repost" Re-tweet" Re-tumble" allows the websites primary artist to choose from a variety of sources. The social medium is the ultimate cultimation of the re-mix. My final project " The Little Lost Ship" is a culmination of my own work, as well as works that I have " Re-tumbled." It is meant to be a collage of video's, quotes, and picture, all in attempt to create a surrealist meaning. That is the beauty, and the sadness, and the romance, of the open sea.
Final Project and Theory: What social media platforms allow us to do is create the world that we want to experience. We piece together fragment of other peoples artwork, videos, saying and re-mix them making them our own. The social media experience is about our own relationship to the group. What we like, what we think is beatiful or true. If you scroll through someones facebook page, or someones twitter, or someones tumblr. You see a picture, an idea of what this person sees of themselves. They are filtering who they are, through the works of others. It is not a disguise, but rather a guise. It represent what they believe themselves to be. My Little Lost Ship project in many ways represents me. It is the idea of me, what I want people to think about when they see me. What do you feel when you look at pictures of displaced ships? Do you yourself feel displaced? It is about me, and it is about you. What you gather from me, what I give to you. ( all quotes were created by me specifically for the text, unless otherwise specified.)